WHo am I

I'm Slynyrd, a pixel artist and game designer currently working on Thyrian Defenders. After more than five years as a professional graphic designer I discovered a long-rooted passion for pixel art. From the start of 2015 I've made a full-time commitment to be the best pixel artist and game designer I can possibly be. 

If you want to know more about what makes me tick, check out my interview feature on Redbubble.


Currently, I'm following my dreams and trying to make a living out of pursing my own creative vision. If you appreciate my work, please consider becoming a Patreon member. This allows me to keep making pixel art, and gives you access to tons of exclusive artwork and many other rewards. If you are turned off by the subscription model of Patreon you can also make a one-time donation, and receive exclusive rewards.


I do commissions on a case by case basis. If you think my style suits your project shoot me an email with details. My rates are reasonable but I don't work for free. 



Slynyrd is the artist name for Raymond Schlitter. 

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