Hi! I'm Slynyrd, a pixel artist and game designer from the middle of nowhere. In other words, Kansas, USA. 

My creative career began in graphic design where I gained valuable experience in print, web, and motion design mediums. While I was grateful to hone a disciplined sense of design principles and become proficient in useful computer applications, I could never shake the feeling I would be left unfulfilled. With a desire to take on a completely new world expanding challenge, life would lead me to Japan.

In Japan I taught English in public schools to children ages 5 to 16. Far removed from my old surroundings I definitely got my share of new challenges. Let alone becoming fluent in a foreign language, myriad valuable experiences opened my world to a greater light. Teaching boosted my confidence and granted me a whole new skill set. All the while I was still able to utilize my creative talents to great affect. However, over time my need to create could not be satisfied in the classroom, and I found myself more often sketching and designing when I should have been lesson planning. I needed to get back into a creative career before it was too late.

After 5 years of the Japan experience I returned to Kansas. I missed the bleakness of the wind swept plains, contrasted by dramatic skies playing performance to some of the most beautiful sunrises and sunsets on a daily basis. Even with all the sights and sounds of the city and the richness of nature in Japan, I was never as inspired as I am by this land. It's subtle, and most people don't see it, but there is a great thing of beauty here that takes time to appreciate. Like a blank canvas it's what you make of it. 

Bursting with undirected inspiration I had to feel things out for a while. I painted. I took photographs. I made videos. I composed music. Nothing seemed to stick. Then I found pixel art. It stuck. 

Since the start of 2015, pixels quickly began taking over my portfolio. In little time I was presented opportunities to get involved in game development. Now, I'm making pixel art every day for my small but ever growing fan-base, while at the same time learning game design and working on Thyrian Defenders with the talented programmer, Markus Yost. And so the story continues to be written as I chase my dreams...


Slynyrd is the artist name for Raymond Schlitter. 

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