Remnant: Devlog 1 / by Raymond Schlitter

Since early January 2015 I began my first game dev project after making a partnership with an aspiring programmer via twitter. I've been wanting to somehow get involved with the game dev scene for quite some time, so I jumped at the chance. Since that time, progress on Remnant has been up and down, but overall steady.

Remnant is a two dimensional puzzle platformer, with a twist. In this darkly wondrous world, the player receives a mysterious necklace from his dying grandfather. Rune magic imbued in the necklace allows the player to shape shift into various animals. The unique abilities of each animal form must be used throughout the game in order to progress through a subterranean labyrinth and uncover a shocking secret that won’t stay buried forever.

As the game is based in 2D pixel art, my first task was making 32 x 32px tiles for the environment. As simple as it seems, making a cool looking texture for dirt in such a small space definitely requires a special sense. Fortunately, my lifelong passion of gaming has instilled me with such a sense, however, I still have much growing to do.

Beyond making tile sets, this learning experience has expanded to involve me in character design, animation, level design, story telling, concept art, and really all faucets of game design outside of actual coding.

look forward to future devlogs detailing more specifics about the game as it develops. Follow me on twitter to get the most current peak at new content.