Mondo: In The Black Hair Chronicles by Raymond Schlitter

Mondo is a foreigner looking for love in the land of Easton. But he is unfamiliar with the feral secret of the women in this strange land. If he doesn't push all the right buttons, a tepid flower of a woman might reveal her true nature and transform into a bone whip wielding beast, or perhaps a psycho nurse with a two meter long syringe. These are the stories of Mondo.

Based off real experiences and starring myself, Mondo is one of my most personal works. A year after moving to Japan I found myself living in a period of estrangement, drifting in and out of awkward relationships. Deep down I wanted a meaningful relationship, commitment, love. But every person I met ended up being a character in a bad kind of way, and shamefully I tended to treat them as such.

Thus, a satirical comic book began to form. I think Mondo was my attempt at using humor to bring cohesion and meaning to an entanglement of odd life experiences.

Beast Planet by Raymond Schlitter

Bore out of teenage angst, the original concept for Beast Planet arouse back in high school during a detention period I had to attend in place of a chemistry class I was doomed to fail. My off kilter mind created a violent world centering around a masked amnesic character who can only discover his past through bloodshed. Why has the planet transformed into a crimson nightmare full of grotesque monsters? Why do the souls of these monsters contain the memories of human lives? Who the hell am I? These are the mysteries Bachaus must unravel in Beast Planet. 

Since those troublesome years of public school I still occasionally revisit the world of Beast Planet to blow off some steam. Here is a vague comic book concept from the latest plunge.