Pulse City / by Raymond Schlitter

What started as a simple study in perspective quickly exploded into a vibrant sci-fi world, as I became inspired to make it a plausible concept for a city builder/alien invasion defense game. Behold, the Pulse City.

For this isometric study I used an exaggerated perspective by making nearly all the vanishing lines at 45 degree angles. This technique offers efficient production of geometric forms. However, the repetition of shapes tends to make things look flat. While flat graphics can be charming, I wanted to convey a great deal of depth. In order to do so I used overlapping, vertical hierarchy, and even some atmospheric perspective by varying the level of detail.

In the images you can see a great deal of the process. I started by simply designing one building at a time. Once I completed a handful of unique structures I began playing with the composition. From that point on it was just a puzzle of finding the perfect placement for all the structures, and building new ones where needed. I used the same process to fill out the background with dozens of unique ship designs and the orbital defense colony.

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