Speck of Life by Raymond Schlitter

After spending 5 years in Japan without a single return visit to my home in Kansas, I was startled by many observations upon my eventual return. One of the most exciting features of Kansas I had taken for granted before I moved was the sky. Due to crowded buildings, trees, mountains, haze, and persistent cloud coverage, it requires some effort and a little bit of luck to clearly view a gorgeous sky in Japan. However, in rural Kansas one only has to walk out on his lawn to be treated to a complete 360 degree view of broiling heavens. Some of the most beautiful sunrises and sunsets on a daily bases make the deal even sweeter. Enthralled by these ever changing lofty landscapes, I compulsively set off for the country with only an iphone and a mini tripod in order to make this collection of time lapse videos. Graced with interesting cloud movement nearly everyday, the project was complete after just one mid-summer month.

All life flows in one constant movement. Even man-made artifacts fit into this beautiful current, and should be woven in with care.

Juncajar: An Uncanny Universe by Raymond Schlitter

Juncajar. A universe where planets, moons, suns, and stars all swirl around like moths entranced by a fiery light in the center. In such a wild flux no one can predict the future events nor learn much from the past called history. In this world where one cannot say if the sun will rise tomorrow, present events rule all, and love is unyielding.

Yet, the estranged spirit known as Lordy Duke still believes in the future, and his power to shape it. His zealous devotion to astro cosmic analysis lead him to deny the inheritance of the entire kingdom of Orzo in order to pursue a misunderstood ambition more often called, stargazing.

Within his asteroid tree house hermitage, drifting somewhere in the outer swirls of the great cluster, it appears Lordy Duke does just that - stargazing.

What could he be looking for?

A legend so old and far-fetching it can only be told with the lightest of heart. For ancient accounts describe enormous planet-sized fish creatures that swam deep in the black sea of night sky. With shimmering metallic jaws lined with millions of razor sharp teeth, the Gigagills devoured cosmic debris, asteroids, moons, and even planets.

Oh, there's much more to the story, but it becomes too erotic to share here. Really, I'll keep that part to myself ;p

ZAPI by Raymond Schlitter

During my 5 year period teaching English in Japan I was always thinking of an excuse to draw pictures for my job. One such idea was to write and illustrate a children's book I could share with my elementary aged students. As I was beginning to miss my family at the time, the story is based on the idea, "There's no place like home."  

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