Speck of Life by Raymond Schlitter

After spending 5 years in Japan without a single return visit to my home in Kansas, I was startled by many observations upon my eventual return. One of the most exciting features of Kansas I had taken for granted before I moved was the sky. Due to crowded buildings, trees, mountains, haze, and persistent cloud coverage, it requires some effort and a little bit of luck to clearly view a gorgeous sky in Japan. However, in rural Kansas one only has to walk out on his lawn to be treated to a complete 360 degree view of broiling heavens. Some of the most beautiful sunrises and sunsets on a daily bases make the deal even sweeter. Enthralled by these ever changing lofty landscapes, I compulsively set off for the country with only an iphone and a mini tripod in order to make this collection of time lapse videos. Graced with interesting cloud movement nearly everyday, the project was complete after just one mid-summer month.

All life flows in one constant movement. Even man-made artifacts fit into this beautiful current, and should be woven in with care.