Beat Diver by Raymond Schlitter

What is that mad beat coming from the depths of planet Boom? The schizophrenic PushPulse, and his partner Dig, search out the source for their own groovin' collection of tunage. Introducing Beat Diver! A wonderful rhythm game concept. Dive down psychedelic chasms collecting beat bits to the rhythm while avoiding obstacles.

PushPulse makes the dives, collecting the appropriate colored beat bits as either of his two halves. Dig stays in orbit and intercepts the beat transmission to help predict where the next beat bits will come from.

PushPulse can flip his persona at the press of a button changing his waveform and track pan. If you listen to the sample track I made you can hear this concept in action. Collecting the beat bits while in the wrong form will result in a penalty.

Every dive is capped off with an epic boss battle.